Where’s PJ? – Which Event

zithromax buy PJ is at a popular Sporting Event.  Where’s PJ?

PJ outside

dipyridamole eye drops buy PJ outside the Venue. Where’s PJ?

levitra germany 20 mg Do these 4 NBA Champion Trophies help you know where PJ is?   Where’s PJ?

PJ with 4 Championship Trophies

ciplox oz price 4 time NBA Champions. Where’s PJ?

dramamine ukulele chords PJ is at the NBA Finals.  Of course, PJ is rooting for the Spurs, the four times champions.

cyclomune eye drops price in india http://www.nba.com/playoffs/

PJ at the NBA Finals

tenvir tablet price in india PJ at Game 4 of the NBA Finals 2013

cleocin t gel cost Game 5 of the NBA Finals is tonight.  All geared up and ready to go.  Go! Spurs Go!

PJ at the NBA Finals

crestor generic price Got the Hat, got the Shirt, now we need a win. Go! Spurs Go!

toradol injection buy This is an older pic, but Angela had a chance to meet Tony Parker.  What a cool opportunity for such a young fan.

Tony Parker Spurs

metformin price PJ at AT&T Center with Angie and Tony Parker of the Spurs

finpecia paypal Christina took my hat.  The 2013 NBA finals are going to game 7.  I hope the Spurs Prevail.  Who are you rooting for?

Spurs Garb NBA finals Game 7

zyban australia cost Christina looks better in the hat than PJ.

Where’s PJ?: Which Zoo?

tugain solution 5 cipla price We are changing the format of Pachyderm Junket on PJstyle.com.  We will still show the elephant collection, but not everyday.  We will continue Where’s PJ.  So to start this new format, let’s stay with the Zoo theme from yesterday and tell me where this Pachyderm is playing?  Where’s PJ?

Pachyderm in a Zoo

prometrium nhs uk What Zoo is this elephant in? Where’s PJ?

buy kamagra oral jelly in australia Hint 2:

ashwagandha ebay uk The girls are leaning on a bronze elephant statue at the same pachyderm exhibit.  Where’s PJ?

Pachyderm Statue

erythromycin price The girls are kick’n back on plant

mevacor 40 mg price Hint 3:

The name of the exhibit which the elephants are in is Africa Live.  They have exhibits of many African animals like hippos, crocodiles, and of course elephants.  But, here is an extra credit question; what is different/incorrect about the elephant exhibit than other African exhibits?  Where PJ?

Africa Live

Two elephants at the Zoo

Hint 4:

Angela at the elephant exhibit in Africa Live.  The roses and Angela, beautify the picture, but what about this exhibit (besides Angela) does not fit the African motif?  Where’s PJ?

Pachyderm Exhibit

Elephants in the Park. Where’s PJ?


The elephants are at the San Antonio Zoo.  The non-African motif is the fact that these are Asian Elephants as indicated by the placard and seen by the size of their ears.  I guess once a zoo has an elephant it’s a valuable commodity that you do not want to move around even if the rest of the exhibits are from Africa.

Asian Elephants at San Antonio Zoo

Asian Elephants at San Antonio Zoo

Where’s PJ and these Elephants?

PJ was at an amusement park and saw this elephant pic on one of the rides.  With Spring Break quickly approaching, we are going cabin fever.  Can you tell me, Where’s PJ?

Pachyderms in the Park

These Elephants are taking a ride. Where’s PJ

Hint 2:

This elephant was one of the other animals on the carousel.  Do you know what Park this Ride is in?  Where’s PJ?

Elephant on a Carousel

Where’s this elephant ride

Hint 3

This was the carousel animal that the first pachyderm pic was on.  Not sure why a zebra has an elephant on it’s saddle, but it’s a very good painting, don’t you think?  Where’s PJ?

Elephant Saddle

Elephant Saddle

Hint 4

PJ at an amusement park, but which one?  Where’s PJ

PJ ready to ride

PJ is ready to ride

Hint 5

PJ rode this roller coaster.  Where’s PJ


Galiath, A Great Roller Coaster

Hint 6

This is the newest ride at the amusement park PJ is at.  Where’s PJ?

Sky Screamer

Another Cool Ride



PJ is at Six Flags Fiesta Texas.  They fly the same flags that fly at the Alamo; they are the flags that flew over Texas as a Republic or as part of a Nation.   The Flags over Texas (Order of Display left to Right) are France, Confederacy, Republic (and now State Flag), Mexico, Spain, USA (in front)

The sequential order of year flown is:  Spain, France, Mexico, Republic (and now State Flag), USA (flag before Confederacy and after), Confederacy

Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Six Flags is always always a blast

Where’s PJ and this video game elephant?

This Pixel Pachyderm is in a free role playing app for the iPhone.  I do not support elephant’s for war, nor do I support any animals used in war,  but I just wanted to show that elephants can be used in other games besides, PJ style games.

Does anyone know that name of this app?

Pixel Pachyderm

Pixel Pachyderm


This pachyderm is shown in a game called Kingdom’s At War.  If you decide to play, you will need to build a Beastiary to a level 3 before you see the elephant. Good Luck.

Elephants in Video Games

Elephants in the Game

Where’s PJ for V-Day

This stuffed elephant is on the shelf with the other stuffed animals ready for Valentine’s Day.  I want to buy him, how ‘bout you?

So, where’s PJ and this Valentine Pachyderm?

Valentine Pachyderm

Ready for Valentine’s Day



This Stuffed Elephant is at CVS Pharmacy, if you are looking for a last minute V-Day gift, I am sure they will have something for you.

Elephant in a Crowd – Where’s PJ?

For Angela’s birthday party we went to a local party place.  These elephants were cooped up with the other animals in this crane game.  Do you know Where’s PJ?

Pachyderms at a Party

Pachyderms at a Party

Hint #2:

These elephants were available for thousands of tickets, but we just did not quite have enough.  Can you tell Where’s PJ?

Pachyderm Prizes

Pachyderm Prizes at a Pizza Party Place – Where’s PJ?



We had an elephantastic time playing games and go-carting.  These elephants are hanging out at America’s Incredible Pizza in San Antonio.

Is there an Incredible Pizza in your town?

Pachyderm Pizza Party at Incredible Pizza

Pachyderm Pizza Party at Incredible Pizza

PJ around town – Where’s PJ?

PJ and daughters went to play a fun game together.  While playing, we saw an elephant.  Can you tell me Where’s PJ?

Embassy Elephant

Elephant on high


Hint:   This elephant was on a waterfall with his friend the Giraffe.  Have you seen this anywhere?  Now, can you tell Where’s PJ?

Elephant and Friend

Elephant and Friend on a cliff

Hint 2:

By the next picture, you can tell it’s a mini-golf course, but do you know which one.

Elephant at Mini Golf

PJ at mini golf, but “Where’s PJ”



This is a miniature golf course in San Antonio called Embassy Golf.  I guess that makes this an Embassy Elephant.  The course is elephantastically fun.

Do you have a miniature golf course near you?

Embassy Elephant

A view from the top


Dumbo Statue – Where’s PJ

This Dumbo statue is at a famous park, which is also my favorite vacation spot.  Can you tell me Where’s PJ and this Dumbo statue.

Dumbo the Elephant

Where’s PJ? The view is beautiful from here.

Hint 2:  A different angle of the statue, reveals a castle, does anyone know where this castle is?

Dumbo by the Castle

Dumbo with a View


Thant’s right, it’s Cinderella’s castle in the Magic Kingdom at Disney World.

A Salt Lake Elephant Update

Back on 10-10-12 we posted a picture of a pachyderm in Salt Lake as a mascot of a Restaurant under construction.  Does anyone remember Where’s PJ?

Salt Lake Pachyderm

Salt Lake Pachyderm


This sign is now proudly displayed at Salt Lake City International airport (SLC) in the C Terminal.  I was finally able to eat some pachyderm pizza. I still don’t know what an elephant has to do pizza, but it was delicious.


Elephant Pizza

Elephant Pizza



Where’s this Woolly Mammoth

For Where’s PJ, do you know where this Wooly Mammoth is?  There sure is a lot of glitz and flash in the pic.  Any thoughts?

A Mammoth with a Diamond. Hmmmm? Where’s PJ?


Answer:  This Pachyderm is Playing with Cave Men in the slot machine Cave King at the Las Vegas airport.  I was shocked, during my layover, that I actually saw an elephant and I won $50, but just make sure that you don’t gamble your whole year away.

Elephants Three in a Row

Almost most 3 in a Row. One more try…..

Where’s PJ and this Pachyderm

For Where’s PJ, do you know where this elephant is.?  You may recognize this shape; so you may know where this oversized pachyderm may be placed.  Any thoughts?

Precious Pachyderm

Have you seen the Precious Pachyderm?

Hint 2:  The rest of the picture may help.  Does this give you any idea of where this elephant is?

Larger Pic of Precious Pachyderm

Does this pic give a better view?


Answer:  This Pachyderm is at the Precious Moments Chapel in Carthage, Missouri and information may be found at:




Elephants at the Mall – PJ Style

I love going shopping the day after Christmas.  Just about every store has a sale..  My favorite place is  where you can get ornaments for 40% off.  Does any one know which store that is and where’s PJ in these photos.  We found some elephants at the Mall.  Here are some pics.

Package Pachyderm Ornament

There’s still some elephants left at 40% off

Hint 2.  This elephant was at the Lego store and we did not find any pachyderms on the carousel.

Lego Pachyderm

Lego Elephant. No assembly required.

Hint 3  We found this elephant at the Toy and calendar store.  Any thoughts of Where’s PJ?


Pachyderm Calendar

Elephant Calendar


This pachyderm paper bag was at JC Penny.  (but we don’t like their new pricing policy.)

Pachyderm Bag

Elephant Bag

PJ is at the Oak Park Mall and my favorite store on the day after Christmas is Hallmark so that I can stock up on sales priced Christmas ornaments.  Preferably pachyderms and well yes, Star Wars stuff.

I hope you had a great Holiday season, did you go shopping today?  We saw tons of people.


Where’s PJ: Unexpected Elephant

This holiday elephant was very unexpected.  I was doing my errands around town, when I bumped into this plush pachyderm.  Do you have a guess where this elephant is?

Unexpected Elephant

Holiday Elephant and Friends


Answer:  This Elephant was spotted with his twin at Red McCombs Toyota when I had my car serviced.  The are collecting toys for the San Antonio Police Toy fundraiser

Which Reminds us of the elephants that we saw at church in October for the childrens’ center.  Here are the elephants that helped that collection.

Pachyderm Gifts

Elephants ready to help out kids


Wooden Elephant Ornament

It is Wednesday, but we are putting Where’s Wednesday on hold for today to celebrate 12-12-12.  This will only happen once in our life time.  So go enjoy the day with a friend.  Here is a pic of a Wooden Elephant to honor the W in Wednesday.

What are you doing for 12-12-12?   I’ll be at a party with friends at Geekdom.  Enjoy the day.  Did you find any elephants for the holidays?

Wooden Ornament

Wooden Woolly Mammoth? No just a carving

Elephant in the Tree

Elephant in the Tree

For where’s Wednesday, we are going to take a bit of a twist.  I’ll show you an elephant hiding in a Christmas tree and your mammoth mission (if you choose to accept) is to search your local area and try to find elephants out for Christmas.  I know there will be one in my yard this year.  If you find one, please send a pic to pjstyle@satx.rr.com .

This one is of course was trying to hide on our tree at home.

Do you have any elephants hiding in your tree?

Elephant Camouflage

Does this Tree Make Good Camouflage?

Where’s PJ – Which Hotel?

It’s back to good ol’ Where’s PJ.   So we had so much fun on vacation, I wanted to show off the Hotel pics a bit, because the hotel’s web-site has some older pics.  So here is the test, does anyone remember which hotel we went to in Cancun?

Here’s a hint, we had a jam session and had some really great seats.

Any thoughts on were this elephant’s at?

Rocking Elephant

Elephant at a concert


Hint 2:

The hotel was all inclusive, so dinners and drinks were complementary.  They provided enough food to keep a pachyderm fed and it wasn’t just regular buffet, they had specialty restaurants as well.  They had a Brazilian bistro with all the meat you could eat, a Mexican Cantina of course, and Zen, an Asian flair cook-at-the-table style grille with FIRE.

What’s your favorite style of meal?

Fire for Elephants

Fire for Elephants


Hint 3

Drinks were included too, but we liked the dinner at the Zen so much, we went back 2 days in a row.  Make sure that you order the appetizer and stay for dessert.  They had Sushi too, so I shook it up and tried eel the next day.  It was delicious.

Do you like Sushi?

Dinner anyone?

What’s for Dinner?


Hint 4

I know these hints may not be very helpful, but if you read the previous weeks, I bet you have this already.  This shot is from the beach side of the lobby.  These gnomes are on either side on the way to the beach.  We just thought this would be kind-a cute.

Do you like lawn gnomes?  Some gnomes just creep me out, but not these.

Sitting on a gnome

Just Sitting on a gnome


Hint 5

This Hotel is affiliated with the pictured Restaurant Chain’s Classic symbol.  The Hotel is only a few miles away.


Hard Rock Cafe Cancun

Guitar at Hard Rock Cafe Cancun



It’s the Hard Rock Hotel.  It just opened as Hard Rock a month or so again.  They seem to be in the the swing of things already and we had a wonderful time.


Hard Rock Hotel Cancun

Angela Hard Rock Hotel Cancun

Hard Rock Hotel at Night

Hard Rock Hotel at Night Christina is on the right if you look very closely.


Cancun Safari Part 4: Where’s PJ: in Mexico

PJ is at a well known vacation spot to celebrate the release of ‘PJ and the Crazy Squirrels’, does anyone know where this temple is?

PJ at the Temple

PJ at the Temple Steps



PJ is announcing ‘PJ and the Crazy Squirrels’ at Chichen Itza.   This is PJ and Ellie on top of El Templo de Kukulcán


A  great place to visit.

PJ and Ellie on Top of Chichen Itza

PJ and Ellie on top of El Templo de Kukulcán at Chichen Itza

Where’s PJ and this Text Elephant

This text elephant is in a free emoticon app for the iPhone, my daughter found this and shared it with me.  I thought it would be cool to pass it on.

Does anyone else use this text app?

Pachyderm Text


Hint: 2

Another text pachyderm available is shown here.  Any ideas of the app?

Elephant Text 2

Elephant Text option 2


This text app is called “Text Pics Emoji Free” and has text animals of all kinds.  The key word is Free.

Text-aphant App

Text-aphant on “Text Pics Emoji Free”

I hope you find an app you love.

Where’s PJ – Pixel Pachyderm Pen

Where’s PJ brings us a pic of this Wooly mammoth, one of the true members of the obsolete Pachyderm Order of animals  This elephant still lives in its pixel enclosure in a popular video game.

Do you know where this popular pachyderm presides?

Elephant enclosure

Where’s PJ and this Pixel Pachyderm Pen



Tap Zoo is the video game that this pachyderm is a part of.  My daughter really enjoys playing it and they also have Tap Zoo 2.  I hope you have a great week.



Mickey Mouse’s Elephant Costume

Happy Halloween!!!.   I love this Mickey.  This was a series of Mickey and his pals in costumes.  I could not think of anything better than the iconic Mickey Mouse in a Elephant Costume.  We bought this when the girls were little and we were lucky enough to trick or treat at Disney’s Magic Kingdom.  I hope that you have fun trick or treating.  Since it is Halloween this will replace the usual “Where’s PJ” this week.  Although I did find an elephant last night in San Antonio.  Be on the lookout tonight, we might see some pachyderms on the streets looking for candy.

Do have a favorite Halloween Memory?

Mickey as an Elephant

Mickey Mouse as an Elephant