Where’s PJ – Elephant Mural

buy neurontin online Where’s PJ and this mastodon mural.  There was at least one benefit to traveling this week,  I found this cool elephant tile mural.  I actually did not notice these playful pachyderms when I first walked by, but when I returned, I was happily surprised and very shocked to have found them here.

buy Lyrica 150 mg Do you know where this elephant art is located?

Elephant Mural

Where’s this elephant mural?

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Hint 2:  Yes, this is an airport , I am on one of the USA coasts, any thoughts to which one?  The mural is in the middle of 2 water fountains, and yes, right before the restrooms,  I was very shocked to see this elephant.

The Mural Location

The mural was down this hall.


Hint 3:  Does this palm tree help?

Palm Tree near the Elephant

Does this Palm tree help you Figure out Where’s PJ?



I was at the San Diego airport, terminal 1, what a complete surprise to see an elephant here.  San Diego is known for warm sun, palm trees, and beaches, but not for elephants.  I hope you enjoy.

Couch Potato Pachyderms

Where’s PJ brings us some couch potato pachyderms.  While they chill out on the sofa, can you find the stuffed elephants that have already been shown on the posts.  The rest are sure to follow.

So did you find any of the previous pachyderms this week?

Couch Potato Pachyderm

Couch Potato Pachyderm

Pizza, Pasta, and Pachyderms?

So Where’s PJ been that this sign was posted?

I am not quite sure what elephants have to do with pizza and pasta, but any time you want to use a pachyderm to advertise, It’s cool with me.  So one hint, I was on travel so you can guess by the name, that I ain’t in Texas.  Has any one seen this sign?

Pizza, Pasta, and Pachyderms

Elephants Love Pizza


Answer:  This sign is displayed at Salt Lake City International airport (SLC) in the C Terminal.  This is one of Delta’s hubs, so I only get to see it a few times, but I can’t wait until I can get some pizza from a Pachyderm.


Philanthropic Pachyderm

It has been happening in San Antonio for the last 5 years.  Celebrities and locals gather to have a fundraiser.   You may recognize this Celeb from Vegas, but its not all fun and games.  So where’s PJ going this weekend?

Who is This?

Do you Know who this is?


It’s Texas Hold’em Poker fame, Phil Hellmuth, aka “The Poker Brat”,
but what brings him to San Antonio, TX , who is he posing with, and Where’s PJ going?

Phil Hellmuth and Who?

Phil Hellmuth and Who?



Eva Longoria has a Philanthropy called Eva’s Hero’s.  They raise funds to help individuals with intellectual special needs.  Each year they have a Poker Tournament to help out with the needs of this charity.  It’s a great time and a great cause.  It happens tomorrow and I am so excited to attend.  Hope to see you there.


Do you have a favorite foundation?

Evas Heroes

Phil and Eva at Eva’s Heroes 2011

Phunny Pachyderm Pic

Where’s this picture perfect pachyderm?  This interpretation of an elephant is on a popular game.  Does anyone know what game this pic is from?   BTW, sorry this is late, we had internet issues.

Favorite Family Board Game

Favorite Family Board Game



This Pach Pic is from Pictureka.  The family just loves playing this game on family fun night.  Sometimes we just try to find all the pictures with the all play cards instead of playing the whole game.


Do you have a favorite Board Game?

Elephant Board Game 2

Pictureka Board Game

Another SCBWI Regional Conference Pic with Elephants

Since I went to the SCBWI conference this last weekend, I figured I would share the last elephant that I saw there.  Well, of course, other than PJ.   Please pardon me from straying from the standard ‘Where’s PJ’ format, but I found this in the portfolio of an fellow member and just had to show it while it was current.

This is a quick Where’s PJ, Do you know who drew this?

Check out this web-site for more info:


Childrens' Illustrator

Illustrator of Elephants



Yes, Diandra Mae from the Houston SCBWI Chapter.  Anyone need a children’s book illustrator?  Did you see the other drawings of elephants at her website?  She is also highlighted this month’s featured illustrator at SCBWI.


Diandra Mae

Diandra Mae Elephant – No Name yet

Elephants at Sea

So we took a vacation recently and discovered elephants in the ocean.  Not a place I would have expected them, but has anyone seen this particular pachyderm display case?  I will show some close ups in the next few pics.

Where’s PJ?

Pachyderms in the Ocean

Elephants on the Waves


Hint 2:  This display is in a staircase on board a ship.  Anyone been onboard this ship?  The pic shows a close up from right to left.

Elephants on the Water

Elephants with Water Related Trunks


Hint 3:  Its on the starboard side (right side looking toward the front {bow} of the ship) in the forward staircase.  That’s probably not any more helpful then the first clue.  Any thoughts?

Water nasals for Trunks

Water Nasals for Trunks. I wonder who thought of this?


Hint 4:  The cruise line is Royal Caribbean


It’s our favorite cruise line and we thoroughly enjoy them.  The pic shows some other elephants that have shown up on Royal Caribbean ships.  So back to the clue, starboard, forward staircase, on the sixth or seventh floor.  Who thinks of water nasals for trunks?  Makes you wonder what else they might think of. Oh yeah, there’s another 11 floors so plenty of room for art.

Elephants in the Stateroom

Elephants in the Stateroom



Mariner of the Seas.  It cruises out of Galveston, TX, so we saved on air fair thank goodness.  The itineraries alternate between the Western Carib and the Eastern Carib.  The crew spoils you rotten, so I highly recommend (elephants or not) that you try to take a cruise sometime in your life.  Anyway, as we hinted, these quirky pachyderms are part of the art exhibited on board and are in the starboard, forward staircase.   This last pic shows Angela enjoying the balcony in Cozumel, Mexico where several of my stone elephants have been crafted.

Angela at Sea

Angela at Sea

PJ and the Athlete

I know that this picture is blurry (they get better), but the miss-positioned camera unfocused on the unexpected exuberance, was actually fortunate, because it works really well for guessing: Where’s PJ?.  PJ the Author, is watching his daughter Christina, practice with a well known athlete.   Do you know whom Christina is giving a high five to?

PJ and an Athlete

Who is this Athlete with Christina?


Hint 2:  Christina is posing with the Silver metal that this Olympian won;  Any guesses?

Christina and the Silver Metal

Christina and the Silver Metal. Any Idea Who this Olympian is?


Hint 3:  Christina answered the challenge by choosing her partner well and winning her grouping, so she got to play with this volleyball Phenom.  Can you recognize who the Phenom is?   I thought this pic was humorous; from this angle it looks like Christina is hitting the Olympian’s face.  I assure she didn’t and actually made a pretty good play.

Great Play

Did she actually hit her? No



Christina was able to attend a special training clinic with Silver metalist, Destine Hooker.  Destinee was a phenomenal coach and a fabulous person.  We are lucky enough to live in San Antonio for the clinic, but Destinee plans to have other training camps when she is done with her pro season, so check her Facebook site out and like her at:


Christina and Destinee Hooker

Christina with Destinee Hooker.

So, PJ had a chance to get a pic with Destinee too., not just spot her at the airport.  What a great opportunity.  I’m 6′-1″ and had to look up at Destinee, since she is 6′-3″;  Wow.

PJ and Destinee Hooker

PJ and Destinee Hooker, Silver Medelist

Elephant in School

PJ found an Elephant on the walls of a school library.  He’s Green, but we won’t hold that against him.  Since School has started lets think about learning something knew.  So Where’s this school that PJ is in?  Do you have elephants at your school?

Elephant in School

Green Elephant in School


Hint 2:  Here’s Angela and some of her friends on the last day of school under the castle archway that was painted in the library’s side room.  Which school is PJ at?

Elephant in the Library

Sssshhhhh! There’s an Elephant in the Library.



Both Angela and Christina went to Blattman elementary school in San Antonio.  It was a great start for them in their academic life.

Blattman Elementary

The Blattman Bears

Elephants in the Park

PJ found these elephants on a pretend advertisement at a US vacation mecca.  Have you looked at the rides close enough to know; Where’s PJ?  This elephant add is posted in the line at a well known ride in a popular park.  Do you know which ride it is?

Fake Add in Line at a great Amusement Park

Can you see the Elephant near the center of the fake add?


Hint 2:  This sign is at the exit of the ride and is actually easily missed if you are rushed getting off the ride and hustling to the fun execution in Orlando.  Where’s PJ?

Elephants at the Exit

Elephants at the Exit


Hint 3: This elephant will greet you along the ride.  We are at one of the Disney parks.  Do you know which ride PJ is on?

An Elephant Greeting

An Elephant Greeting


Hint 4:   It is hard to catch a glimpse of this elephant idol statue before you enter the cave.   We are in Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Does anyone know where PJ might be?

Elephant Statue at Disney

Elephant Statue right before cave. Look Fast


Hint 5:  An elephant water playground is a great place to be on a hot summers day.  We are in Frontier Land.   any guesses on where PJ is spending the day?

An Elephant Playground

An Elephant Playground in the Summer Heat


Answer:   We are on the Jungle Cruise at Magic Kingdom.  Disney is always a fun trip.  www.disney.com   Similar to the corny joke that the guide tells when behind the waterfall, that you are seeing the ‘Backside of water’, this next pic shows the ‘Backside of Elephants’.  I hope that you had a great summer.

The 'Backside of Elephants'

The ‘Backside of Elephants’

Elephants Around Town

Back to the basics.  PJ the Purple Elephant is off to a US vacation mecca, Now that the Olympics are over, Where’s PJ.  This elephant statue marks the door frame of a store.  Have you seen or passed by this statue?

Elephant Around Town

What are the Girls Doing?


Hint 2:  To the left of the door just out of view in the first picture was a giraffe friend.  The girls were excited to pose by the tall stone style image.  So this store is focused on selling animals.  PJ and the family are in Florida, one of our favorite places to visit.  Where’s PJ?

Giraffe in Florida

A Giraffe at the same store as the Elephant


Hint 3:   Christina’s posing by her favorite friendly animal; a dolphin.  As you can see the store is not quite open yet, we were 45  minutes earlier than the store opened, but this was not our only goal for the day.   We are in Central Florida, there are places to be and people to see.  Do you know where PJ is?

Friendly Dolphin

Friendly Dolphin with Christina


Hint 4:   Apparently the girls were in the mood to pose in front of gargantuan figures.  This statue was the biggest thing around.  We are in Orlando, Florida.  Does anyone know where PJ might be?

Girls and an NBA player

Girls and a Huge NBA Statue


Hint 5:  Hard Rock is Ali’s and Phil’s favorite restaurant and the girl’s favorite too.  Where in the world is this one located.  The interesting thing is, Hard Rock abandoned a guitar shaped restaurant near when they built this place.  You may be able to find this place at www.hardrock.com.  We are at a theme park any guesses on where PJ is spending the day?

Hard Rock in Orlando

Hard Rock in Orlando across the water


Answer:   OK, here is the last pic that we have for this set, and it gives a great clue.   The family is visiting Universal Studios Orlando http://www.universalorlando.com/

At the entrance of the parks is City Walk, which has restaurants and shops.  The store with the stone elephant in called the Endangered Species Store and sells, stuffed animals, figurines, and sculptures.   A Pachyderm perusing paradise.

Christina at Universal

Christina at Universal : City Walk is across the river.

PJstyle at the Olympic Games, but which one?

Where’s PJstyle and this Olympic event; and what is the name of the Olympic mascot for these games? We (Phil and Ali) had a chance to attend this Olympic basketball game, because we were living only 3 hours away. The seats were in the nose bleed section, but it was one of the most exhilarating activities I have ever been able to do. A truly once in a life time opportunity. Yes, it was crowded, but the air just seemed energized and everyone was so thrilled to just be in attendance. I would give you several hints about the Olympic games, but the name of the Olympics is plastered everywhere in the pic, so the rest of the post will be more like show and tell. Any ideas on the name of the mascot?

PJ at an Olympic Basketball Game

PJ Thrilled to be at the B-Ball Game

Answer 1: This was the 1996 Atlanta Games. We were lucky enough to be living in South Carolina and only a short drive away. We made it to 2 events and were absolutely thrilled to be there. This next pic shows the tickets and the USA Basketball team collector card. The other tickets were for track and field where we saw Michael Johnson, in his gold shoes, run a preliminary race. Now the Olympic stadium is the Atlanta Braves stadium and the Cauldron was moved near Georgia Tech. So what’s the name of the Mascot?

Tickets to the 1996 Atlanta Olympics

Ticks to the Atlanta Olympics

Discussion 3: Olympic Garb. In 1996 there were all kinds of apparel to wear with Olympic logos on them. The nice thing was, we could buy it real cheap the next few months after the games were finished. Here are a few examples of some of the shirts, hats, and pins available. Can you tell which one is my favorite? Yah, the purple hat.

Olympic Clothing

Olympic Garb

Discussion 4: There were all kinds of different memorabilia produced for the games. Here is an example of just a few. Swatch, Barbie, and a McDonalds cup. The Swatches each had a history of past Olympic records listed on the back. Barbie has been doing the splits for 16 years and McDonalds teamed with Coke.

Barbie, Swatch, and Cup

Olympic Watch, Barbie, and Cup

Discussion 5: There were other memory making items that could be purchased as well. They built Centennial Park with donations for memorial or celebratory bricks. Centennial park in downtown Atlanta will always have a place in my heart because we bought a brick to memorialize my brother, David. I will always remember the great times my brother and I had. What memories to have with your family?

David's Brick

Donation to Centennial Park for a Memorial Brick

Discussion 6: Pins for any Olympic games are a huge collectors smorgasbord. They offer a relatively affordable way to participate in the Olympic fever. You can buy them at the venues, online, or trade them. The pins secured to my hats are only part of the collection. Of course, since the pins went on sale near me, I may have gone a bit overboard. Does any body want to trade?

Do you see a pin with the Atlanta games mascot? Do you know his name?
As a bonus question, what was the name of the Paralympic mascot?

Olympic Pins to Trade

Olympic Pins to Trade


Answer:   The mascot for the 1996 Atlanta Olympic games was Izzy and fro the Paralympic games the mascot was: Blaze

I hope you enjoyed watching the summer Olympics and I hope that your favorite team won.   We will celebrate the summer Olympics again in 4 years.

Izzy on a Mug

Izzy on a Mug

Where’s PJ and this Olympic Host City

Where’s PJ and this Olympic Venue? The 2012 Olympic games are still going strong, so this time PJ’s sister is helping him out. This picture was taken in the year of when the Olympic games took place, but they were already finished by the time we arrived. Do you know where this Olympic cauldron is located and what year the games were played? Sorry that we cut off the cauldron, Mom made us focus on the person not the metal structure. Actually, I was probably the one that took it, since it’s not framed correctly. I was just a kid at this time.

Where is PJ and this Olympic Venue

PJ and his Family visited this venue when he was just a kid.

Hint 2: Mountains in the background, Hmmm. I’m betting it’s a winter Olympics again. Sorry about the quality of the pic. This is a scan of a printout from a copy of a picture (4 degrees from direct photo). You can still get the gist of the picture though.

Olympic Cauldron, Where?

The Olympic Cauldrons at this Winter Olympic Venue.

Hint 3: Looking up to the Ski Jump, Yep it’s the winter Olympics can you guess where this Ski jump venue is? Also keep in mind there is only one large Ski Jump, When did the Olympic committee add the small jump to the event schedule? This pic is from my sisters photo album. We are Starting to build the Olympic rings. Sorry about the water spots, but this is a better pic than the old faded family vacation pic.

Ski Jump

That is a long way to jump even with snow.

Hint 4: This is the view from the top of the Ski jump, quit impressive. Can you guess the city below? The year was before they alternated the Winter Olympics every 2 years with the Summer Olympics.

View from the Top

The Top of the Ski Jump

Hint 5: My brother and his sarcastic wit, thought it was rather funny that a cemetery was right below the ski jump. (He was a teenager.) He pondered, if you jumped too far out of the stadium, then the church did not have far to move you. Crashing aside, does anyone know where this cathedral is located?

David Just loved the Sarcasm

At the foot of the Ski Jump

Hint 6: PJ and brother in-law, Stan, are acting like they are ski jumping. Yah, Right! We took a trip to Europe 20 some years later, so that we could relive the past. That was a fast paced trip, 7 different cities in 7 days, and 5 different countries. I recommend you take it much slower so that you enjoy the culture. The name of the venue has been covered up. Do you know were we are?

PJ Jumping with Stan

Ready to Jump

Answer: Innsbruck, Austria, held the 1976 winter games. So 20 years later, my sister, Linda, and her husband helped me relive the family trip in the summer of ‘76. Innsbruck was a nice little village, some of the venues in 96 were a little run down, but it was good to rekindle the fire.

Linda at Innsbruck

PJ’s Sister Linda, All Grown Up at Innsbruck again.

Where’s PJ Special Post – Olympic Elephant Sighting

PJ Spotted some Elephants at the Olympics.  Are those Elephant Ear Rings worn by Gold Medalist Dana Vollmer on the podium?  I think so.

Congratulations to Dana on a World Record in the 100 meter butterfly and I think that’s great that she is an elephant lover too.  What do you think, in the close-up from the following article?



Dana Vollmer Elephant Ear Rings on the Gold Podium

Dana Vollmer wearing Elephant Ear Rings on the Gold Podium

Where’s PJ and this Olympic Flame Transport

Where’s PJ this week?  We will continue to celebrate the Olympics since they are starting in 2 days.  Before each Olympic games there has been a torch relay, at least in the modern age.  This week we will discover a unique transportation device for the flame.  The flame has been relayed by horse, kayak, wheelchair, boat, and usually by foot via a torch.  Can anyone guess what unique device carried the Olympic flame across the USA for the 2002 Salt Lake Winter Olympics and where it is currently displayed?

Torch Relay Banner at Cauldron Park 2002 Winter Games

Banner at Cauldron Park commemorating the torch relay.


Hint 2:  So this is an easy hint. No, it is not the normal torch which is displayed in the museum at Olympic Cauldron Park.  The torch is shown here.  The transport device was a one-of-a-kind specially built item, just for the 2002 Salt Lake games.

2002 Olympic Torch

Remembering the Torch Relay of 2002 Salt Lake


Hint 3:   OK, I’ll tell you what the unique transport is, but you have to tell me where it is located, now.  The flame was transported on a Train car.  Additional information about the Train and a special event at Santa Barbara (my Birth Place) can be found at:


2002 Olympic Torch Train Car

2002 Olympic Torch Train Car


Hint 4  Just to give you another view of the train Car.   These Olympic rings can be recognized anywhere.

Olympic Rings for 2002 Salt Lake City Games

Close-up of the Olympic Rings of the Cauldron train.


Hint 5  This is a view of the additional trains that are located in this Railway Museum.  Any guesses on where this might be?

Train Engines at the museum

Here are the rest of the Engines at the Train Museum. Where is it?


Hint 6 There seems to always be food involved when we take these junkets. The Union Restaurant has great food and is worth the trip to just eat here.

Dinner Anyone

Union Grill is a great place for Dinner or just hang’n out


Answer: The 2002 Olympic Cauldron Car is part of the train museum at Union Station in Ogden, Utah. They have done a great job with the restoration and it makes a fabulous place to take the family. There is a model train store and a museum shop along with the restaurant and it is neat to crawl around all the historic trains. Quite a wonderful array of engines and cars, if you like that sort’a thing. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Union Station in Ogden

Union Station, Ogden UT. A great place to visit.

Where’s PJ Visiting


Let’s start “Where’s PJ Wednesday”. The first location to ponder is honor of the upcoming Olympics.  PJ’s Junket has lead him to a previous Olympic city with many venues.  Can you guess the Primary City and/or the 2 venue locations.  A pic a day will be provided so that everyone can be certain of where we are.  So, Where is PJ the Purple Elephant?  PJ will actually show up in some of these pics.  If you don’t want a Hint or the answer yet don’t scroll past the first pic.

What Olympic Host City is PJ the Purple Elephant Visting?

Which Olympic Venue has this Cauldron and that will give you a clue. Can you see PJ in the this pic?


Hint 2:

When I was there in June there was still snow on the ground, So this was a Winter Olympic venue.   Any thoughts?

Snow at...

There still snow in June



Hint 3:   The Skis were Alan Airborn’s and Clint Jones’ signed by Eddy the Eagle.  They were displayed in Squatters Restaurant in this Venue village.  The Figure skate were not labeled with a mane and the speed skates were Eric Hayden’s.  Is this any help?  It may be to some and you always need to eat, right?

Ski displayed at a Restaurant in this Olympic Venue


Hint 4:  This is the Ski Map of the Local Venue.   Do you know this Olympic venue? If so, do you know the Central Olympic City?

Ski Map

This is the Ski Map of the satellite venue. Do you know this venue?


Hint 5:  The ski jump at Olympic Park.  Does any one remember which Olympics had this logo?

Ski Jump at Olympic Park

Does anyone recognize this Olympic Logo for this event?



Hint 6:  OK, here comes a great hint. Park City, UT has this nice park setup as an Olympic reminder.  They have banners marking the various Olympic sites.  Can you tell me the year of the Olympics and the main city?

Banner at Park City Olympic park

This is a great Olympic park in Park City,UT



The Answer is:  Salt Lake City, UT, 2002, Olympic Games and Park City, UT Venue.

I visited after the 10 year anniversary, so there is still a pretty good representation of events and venues.  It is, however, difficult to find memorabilia.   The store Olympic Spirit was shown on my iPhone, but at 7:00 pm on a Sunday during the off season, I’m thinking, it wasn’t open.  I did not verify if Olympic Spirit was still in business, but I’m hopeful.  Before that, I had arrived at the Ski Jump 5 minutes later than the 6:00 pm closing time.  I was not alone, a couple other cars drove up while I was there, but make sure you check the times.

The pic below is a shot of Cauldron Park at Rice-Eccles Stadium.


It has a nice museum and I truly enjoyed the experience.

2002 Salt Lake Olympic Cauldron Park

2002 Salt Lake Olympic Cauldron Park