PJ around town – Where’s PJ?

source site PJ and daughters went to play a fun game together.  While playing, we saw an elephant.  Can you tell me Where’s PJ?


Hint:   This elephant was on a waterfall with his friend the Giraffe.  Have you seen this anywhere?  Now, can you tell Where’s PJ?

Elephant and Friend

allegra cheapest price Elephant and Friend on a cliff

Hint 2:

By the next picture, you can tell it’s a mini-golf course, but do you know which one.

Elephant at Mini Golf

PJ at mini golf, but “Where’s PJ”



This is a miniature golf course in San Antonio called Embassy Golf.  I guess that makes this an Embassy Elephant.  The course is elephantastically fun.

Do you have a miniature golf course near you?

Embassy Elephant

A view from the top