Where’s PJ and this video game elephant?

http://markscherz.com/publications This Pixel Pachyderm is in a free role playing app for the iPhone.  I do not support elephant’s for war, nor do I support any animals used in war,  but I just wanted to show that elephants can be used in other games besides, PJ style games.

http://hollywoodbjj.com/news/master-sylvio-behring-self-defense-instructor-certification-course-april-28-29/ Does anyone know that name of this app?

Pixel Pachyderm

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This pachyderm is shown in a game called Kingdom’s At War.  If you decide to play, you will need to build a Beastiary to a level 3 before you see the elephant. Good Luck.

Elephants in Video Games

Elephants in the Game