Where’s PJ and these Elephants?

PJ was at an amusement park and saw this elephant pic on one of the rides.  With Spring Break quickly approaching, we are going cabin fever.  Can you tell me, Where’s PJ?

Pachyderms in the Park

These Elephants are taking a ride. Where’s PJ

Hint 2:

This elephant was one of the other animals on the carousel.  Do you know what Park this Ride is in?  Where’s PJ?

Elephant on a Carousel

Where’s this elephant ride

Hint 3

This was the carousel animal that the first pachyderm pic was on.  Not sure why a zebra has an elephant on it’s saddle, but it’s a very good painting, don’t you think?  Where’s PJ?

Elephant Saddle

Elephant Saddle

Hint 4

PJ at an amusement park, but which one?  Where’s PJ

PJ ready to ride

PJ is ready to ride

Hint 5

PJ rode this roller coaster.  Where’s PJ


Galiath, A Great Roller Coaster

Hint 6

This is the newest ride at the amusement park PJ is at.  Where’s PJ?

Sky Screamer

Another Cool Ride



PJ is at Six Flags Fiesta Texas.  They fly the same flags that fly at the Alamo; they are the flags that flew over Texas as a Republic or as part of a Nation.   The Flags over Texas (Order of Display left to Right) are France, Confederacy, Republic (and now State Flag), Mexico, Spain, USA (in front)

The sequential order of year flown is:  Spain, France, Mexico, Republic (and now State Flag), USA (flag before Confederacy and after), Confederacy

Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Six Flags is always always a blast