Phil at Carnahan Art Walk 2012

Thanks for all those that came by and chatted or played the PJ games.

PJ was not the only pachyderm at the Art Walk; there were several.  Dusty elephants, messy mastodons, and paper pachyderms were there for all to see.

Several folks asked for the links to the games so here they are:

The free version can be downloaded at:

And “When I Grow Up: PJ Style Interactive is at:

The first pic shows the layout of PJ’s table.

PJ's Table

PJ everywhere

This next pic shows Scott Wade’s work on his car.  Scott’s link is at:  I was very impressed with Scott’s skill.   What do you think?

Dr. Seuss in Dust

Dr. Seuss in Dust

At the Art Walk they also made clay elephants two booths down, but I was unable to get a pic before they cleaned up.   The Art Walk leaders had even printed out an adorable elephant for my name tag.

And of course PJ was there in paper and pixel.