Where’s PJ?: Which Zoo?

buy genuine provigil We are changing the format of Pachyderm Junket on PJstyle.com.  We will still show the elephant collection, but not everyday.  We will continue Where’s PJ.  So to start this new format, let’s stay with the Zoo theme from yesterday and tell me where this Pachyderm is playing?  Where’s PJ?

Pachyderm in a Zoo

buy Lyrica in thailand What Zoo is this elephant in? Where’s PJ?

http://cms-tn.org/wp-includes/certificates/international-background-check-ncic-fingerprints.html Hint 2:

The girls are leaning on a bronze elephant statue at the same pachyderm exhibit.  Where’s PJ?

Pachyderm Statue

The girls are kick’n back on plant

Hint 3:

The name of the exhibit which the elephants are in is Africa Live.  They have exhibits of many African animals like hippos, crocodiles, and of course elephants.  But, here is an extra credit question; what is different/incorrect about the elephant exhibit than other African exhibits?  Where PJ?

Africa Live

Two elephants at the Zoo

Hint 4:

Angela at the elephant exhibit in Africa Live.  The roses and Angela, beautify the picture, but what about this exhibit (besides Angela) does not fit the African motif?  Where’s PJ?

Pachyderm Exhibit

Elephants in the Park. Where’s PJ?


The elephants are at the San Antonio Zoo.  The non-African motif is the fact that these are Asian Elephants as indicated by the placard and seen by the size of their ears.  I guess once a zoo has an elephant it’s a valuable commodity that you do not want to move around even if the rest of the exhibits are from Africa.

Asian Elephants at San Antonio Zoo

Asian Elephants at San Antonio Zoo