3PJs4Gold: The Best Laid Plans Often Go Awry: I’m Gonna Freeze

So it takes some good planning to go on a quest for Treasure.  I have been researching maps, reading blogs, and buying supplies, but Ole man winter just may have other plans then a spring like journey:  I’m going to Freeze.  To find Forrest Fenn’s Treasure we need to be prepared for just about any conditions.  Forrest may have said the he just needed a sandwich and a flash light, but I found out this morning that there was a snow storm at my thoroughly thoughtout search site.  So as per, Robert Burns poem To a Mouse and my mother’s favorite sayings:

“The best laid schemes of mice and men
 Go often awry,”

Well, the good news is that the snow melted away this afternoon, but I am still going to be cold as San Antonio weather reminded me today.

So aside from a Sandwich and a flashlight, I will also be taking:

  • A Winter Coat (even though my wife is making fun of me)
  • Stocking cap, gloves, scarf (I can’t find my ski mask)
  • Waterproof hiking boots, with 2 pair of thermal socks
  • Water proof pants (at least I hope they are:  I spayed jeans with water proofing), thermal underpants, turtle neck
  • Multiple other layers of clothing to apply or remove as needed
  • Rain gear (just encase it warms up.)  (I don’t think the warm waters will help)

Now for the treasure hunting supplies:

  • A second flashlight (It’s light; it’s good to be prepared)
  • Axe (that I need to buy at Wal-mart)  {I don’t think they would like that on the plane}
  • Map and compass
  • Forrest’s Poem  (Maybe more than one copy)
  • Walking Stick
  • Any other hiking gear you may need.

Don’t forget about the home front:

Make sure that the family is safe and sound
We have an alarm system, a gated community, caring neighbors, and most importantly a insanely protective dog that even barks at the girls when they come home from school.  He growls at me when I come home.


  • Weather gear – Check,
  • Treasure Hunting gear – Check
  • Family – Check

Wish me luck, It’s time to go find some loot.  Great plan or not.  Ready or not, Here we go.

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