3PJs4Gold: In Santa Fe

The views just keep getting better and better as you approach Santa Fe.

PJ's headed toward Santa Fe

Santa Fe here I come.

Downtown is easy to find and take quarters if you go, they still have parking meters.  And it’s still a reasonable price.

First stop; Collected Works Bookstore.  Autographed copy of “The Thrill of the Chase”  – Check.

And a plus, Old Route 66 rolls right through downtown.  Extra Bonus, there are even elephants to be found downtown.  PJ’s Happy!

On the way to Taos and eventually the first search area.  Lunch at Purple Sage Café.  If you can’t find an elephant, purple is the next best thing.

And then surprise of surprises, there is a sculptured Pachyderm on the side of the road.  Jackpot.  I was shocked.  So far we’re batting a thousand.

Once you make it past the dust brown road and look off into the distance, the scenery is amazing.

I am on schedule to get to my target early.  After all, I have been up since 4:14 Central time.

For warm waters halting, I chose the Red River since it has hot spring known as Jacuzzis (Thanks to Dal’s Blog.)

The Home of Brown was selected to be the Fish Hatchery (Home of Brown Trout) in Questa or just Brown Trout in general since the Treasure is not associated with a Structure.

No place for the Meek

No place for the Meek

As you can see by this picture, this is a no place for the meek.  With the end ever drawing nigh; This whole area is called the Enchanted Circle.  (a geographic object with no end.  There are other supporting reasons to search here that I will have to describe later.  It’s getting late and I need to rest for tomorrow’s search.

And of course, for those of you know who may know the Red River area, or know this blog you probably already know that Elephant Rock was the blaze I was looking for.  The day was going great, what a cool site.

PJ thinks the Blaze is Elephant Rock

PJ’s Blaze, Elephant Rock. Too Big? I hope not.

The story will continue when I have internet again.

Google: The Thrill of the Chase
Google: Dal Neither