3PJs4Gold: At Red River

Continuing with the explanation of my choices:

The enchanted circle has volcanic activity similar to Forrest’s beloved Yellowstone (well hot springs anyway).  Even the road system appears circular like Yellowstone.  In fact, some folks in New Mexico, call it ‘The Yellowstone of New Mexico’.   I begin working my way up stream (on the road of course, since it’s too far to walk), and I pass a mine and ponds that have been created for local swimming holes.  You can’t miss the ever present rock faces.  Waters high and heavy loads abound, since the river starts as run off from the melting snow, high in the mountains.

Now why an Elephant?  A common belief in native American culture is the belief of spirit animals.  Cueing off of Forrest’s description about the poem in ‘The Thrill of the Chase’  He uses ‘ancient’ and we are to be wise in finding the blaze.  So the Spirit animal with Ancient Wisdom is none other then the Elephant.  Hence, Elephant Rock.

Forrest told us to follow the clues precisely so that’s exactly what I did.  I drove back to the location when I first glimpsed the pachyderm natural wonder.  And looked straight down.  Well, that was the steering wheel, so I got out of the car and searched the river, and the other side of the road.  Just to cover all the bases, I also searched the area directly below elephant.  In all, I searched at least 4 miles of river, but lets get back to the reasons on why I searched here.

Clue six is the same for all hunts, I used and estimated 14 miles up Red River.  I’m sure it was actually shorter than that.

I would think Forrest would know this area since it has been touted as being like Yellowstone and it also has great trout fishing.  He could easily have done this being tired and weak, most areas have easy access from the road.

Forrest definitely has our attention, but as far as the cold.  The Red River is claimed to be a secret winter fishing river, because of the hot springs since the water is warm.  This also ties well to the first clue, “… keep my secret where…”.  Since the water is slightly warmer and you can fish Red River in the winter, it would be worth the cold.

I bravely searched in, around, and sometimes under the trees (Dead or Alive), in hopes of

PJ's Hunt at the Red River

Red Trees, Green Trees, Old Trees, New Trees, Swept away trees; can get searched.

catching any glimpse of the bronze chest.

These are the reasons why I was here and they conform with the interpretations of the clues.

The rest of the search, and the outcome will be told in the next blog,  Did I find the chest?  There are certainly lessons that could be used in your own search.

Here are the clues and a summary of why I searched here:

Sentence Clue Discussion of Meaning Discussion of Meaning
As I have gone alone in there
 and with my treasures bold,
 I can keep my secret where, and hint of riches new and old. 1. A cypher of old riches, (Nine Mile Hole in Yellowstone) hinting toward new riches: The treasure. 1. From the map, I chose 14 miles as an approximate distance.  This just happens to co-inside with Elephant Rock.
Begin it where warm waters halt and take it in the canyons down, 
not far, but too far to walk. 2. Start your search at the bottom of a canyon of a hot spring fed river flowing into a river and travel  ~14 miles. 2. The Red River: Because of the Hot Spring ‘Jacuzzis’.  The Red River Canyon is huge and deep.
Put in below the home of Brown. 3.  Launch your quest below the home of Brown. 3.  Fish Hatchery (Home of Brown Trout) in Questa or just Brown Trout in the river.
From there it’s no place for the meek, The end is ever drawing nigh; there’ll be no paddle up your creek, 
just heavy loads and water high. 4. Rough and rugged rocks at a bend in the river, while traveling up steam passing large rocks with water above you. 4a. The Huge Canyon where Red River meets the Rio Grande.4b. The Enchanted Circle Region.4.c.  We are working our way up stream,

4d. We pass a mine, and pools where the city gathers water and of course, the ever present rock faces.

If you’ve been wise and found the blaze, 
look quickly down, your quest to cease, but tarry scant with marvel gaze, 
just take the chest and go in peace. 5. Wisely find the marker, the treasure will be below this blaze, don’t wait, grab and go.  Tell folks once you and the chest are secure. 5a. The spirit animal with Ancient Wisdom is the Elephant.  Hence, Elephant Rock5.b. I looked quickly down.
So why is it that I must go and leave my trove for all to seek? 6. Transition clue which indicates the end of the clues for the cypher and the rest of the clues only relate to the new treasure. 6. I used 14 miles because I am sure I will see Elephant Rock before that.
The answer I already know, 
I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak. 7.  Forrest is familiar with and enjoyed times at the hiding location; he was tired when he hid the chest. 7.  I believe Forrest is familiar with Red River and the river has relatively easy access to the road
So hear me all and listen good, 
your effort will be worth the cold. 8.  It may hint at hiding it up north, but don’t ignore the other clues.  Look for something that might appear frozen or or hint at cold. 8.  Forrest has our attention.  The Red River is worth fishing in the cold of winter.
If you are brave and in the wood
 I give you title to the gold. 9.  It may be in the in around or behind wood, but Forrest has given us the Title 9.  I searched in, around, and under trees