3PJs4Gold: Searching for Gold in San Antonio Creek Clues

So began the next search area.  Let’s start with the description of the clues and what brings us to this section of New Mexico.

Clue 1:  Cypher of old riches, lets’ 16 miles to start with and see where that takes us.

Clue 2:  The San Antonio Creek, has hot springs flowing into it.  Besides, the aptly named San Antonio Hot Springs, there are many other hot springs, merging with San Antonio Creek, making it a warm river.  Halting bring us to the Jemez River.  There is a Canyon by the confluence and we will then follow the cypher of 16 miles up steam. Too far too walk, so saddle up, and start the cypher mileage.

PJ on the Hunt

Battleship Rock. I can definitely recognize a Bow.

Clue 3:  This brings us to Battleship Rock, which is brown and recognizable.  The cool thing is that there is a YMCA camp, Camp Shaver, right below it.  How elephantastic is that?  Forrest Fenn (FF) wanted to get kids into the fresh air, what better way to experience the wilderness than to play games and challenge your friends in an outdoor environment.  Plus there is lots of muddy fun.

Clue 4:  This is absolutely no place for the meek.  The river is jammed full of boulders and Battleship Rock looks like it is headed out to sea

PJ at San Antonio Creek

Looking Up Steam of Battleship rockf

churning up heavy bow waves deploying depth charges as it peppers the waters for unsuspecting submarines.  The river winds it’s way down the canyon ever drawing nigh.  You can definitely not paddle up this creek, way too many traps.  There are heavy loads from Battleship rock and numerous ponds and dammed waters along the way, especially at the bath houses.

Clue 5:  This blaze for this quest was a little different than elephant rock.  From MapQuest and Google Maps, what I am searching for is a rock formation that looks like a campfire.  It’s about 16 miles up river from Battleship Rock.  I hope to find the treasure and leave in peace.

The Blaze on San Antonio Creek?

Does this make a good blaze?

Clue 6:  I will search 16 miles up this river to what MapQuest shows a campfire looking image.

Clue 7:  I believe FF is familiar with the San Antonio Creek since it’s named after a major city in Texas, his birth state.

Clue 8:  Forrest has our attention.  The San Antonio River has pools that could sustain brown trout over the winter and it would be worth fishing in the cold of winter.

Clue 9:  I will search in, around, and under trees near the blaze.

So now that we have our clues, it is time for the quest of the San Antonio Creek for a campfire blaze.  Tune into the next blog to find out how the search goes.


This Site Sentence Clue click for source Discussion of Meaning http://evalfor.com/?p=16740 Discussion of Meaning
As I have gone alone in there
 and with my treasures bold,
 I can keep my secret where, and hint of riches new and old. 1. A cypher of old riches, (Nine Mile Hole in Yellowstone) hinting toward new riches: The treasure. 1. From the map, I chose 16 miles as an approximate distance.  This brings us close to a good looking blaze.
Begin it where warm waters halt and take it in the canyons down, 
not far, but too far to walk. 2. Start your search at the bottom of a canyon of a hot spring fed river flowing into a river and travel  ~14 miles. 2. The San Antonio Creek: Because of the Hot Springs flowing into it.  It flows into the Jemez river, and there is a canyon down
Put in below the home of Brown. 3.  Launch your quest below the home of Brown. 3.  Battleship Rock.  And the YMCA has huge amounts of brown mud.
From there it’s no place for the meek, The end is ever drawing nigh; there’ll be no paddle up your creek, 
just heavy loads and water high. 4. Rough and rugged rocks at a bend in the river, while traveling up steam passing large rocks with water above you. 4a. There is a nice Canyon where the San Antonio Creek meets the Jemez River.4b. The creek ebbs and flows, winding it’s way to the Jemez river.

4.c.  We will be working our way up stream,

4d. We pass loads dropped by the shear walls and bath houses and hot pools along the way.

If you’ve been wise and found the blaze, 
look quickly down, your quest to cease, but tarry scant with marvel gaze, 
just take the chest and go in peace. 5. Wisely find the marker, the treasure will be below this blaze, don’t wait, grab and go.  Tell folks once you and the chest are secure. 5a. Looking for a rock formation that looks like a campfire.5.b. I will look quickly down and tarry scant.
So why is it that I must go and leave my trove for all to seek? 6. Transition clue which indicates the end of the clues for the cypher and the rest of the clues only relate to the new treasure. 6. I used 16 miles because is what it appears on MapQuest.
The answer I already know, 
I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak. 7.  Forrest is familiar with and enjoyed times at the hiding location; he was tired when he hid the chest. 7.  I believe Forrest is familiar with the San Antonio Creek and it’s named after a major city in Texas.
So hear me all and listen good, 
your effort will be worth the cold. 8.  It may hint at hiding it up north, but don’t ignore the other clues.  Look for something that might appear frozen or hint of cold. 8.  Forrest has our attention.  The San Antonio River has pools that could sustain brown trout over the winter it would be worth fishing in the cold of winter.
If you are brave and in the wood
 I give you title to the gold. 9.  It may be in the in around or behind wood, but Forrest has given us the Title 9.  I will search in, around, and under trees near the blaze.