Where’s PJ? – Which Event

PJ is at a popular Sporting Event.  Where’s PJ?

PJ outside

PJ outside the Venue. Where’s PJ?

Do these 4 NBA Champion Trophies help you know where PJ is?   Where’s PJ?

PJ with 4 Championship Trophies

4 time NBA Champions. Where’s PJ?

PJ is at the NBA Finals.  Of course, PJ is rooting for the Spurs, the four times champions.


PJ at the NBA Finals

PJ at Game 4 of the NBA Finals 2013

Game 5 of the NBA Finals is tonight.  All geared up and ready to go.  Go! Spurs Go!

PJ at the NBA Finals

Got the Hat, got the Shirt, now we need a win. Go! Spurs Go!

This is an older pic, but Angela had a chance to meet Tony Parker.  What a cool opportunity for such a young fan.

Tony Parker Spurs

PJ at AT&T Center with Angie and Tony Parker of the Spurs

Christina took my hat.  The 2013 NBA finals are going to game 7.  I hope the Spurs Prevail.  Who are you rooting for?

Spurs Garb NBA finals Game 7

Christina looks better in the hat than PJ.