Concept Art of PJ and the Crazy Squirrels

I am so excited. The concept art has been developed for the next PJ Style Book. “PJ and the Crazy Squirrels” will be released in December 2012.

I hope that you enjoy this sneak peak:

P.J. grabbed a snack bag full of assorted nuts and his backpack and jumped into a company van to track down the thieving squirrels.
When they reached the ancient site, P.J. and Ellie hustled to the temple.

P.J. and his friend Ellie are on a mission to stop the crazy squirrels. The pesky little animals are nuts about nuts, and after getting into all kinds of trouble and stealing P.J. and Ellie’s inventions, the squirrels take their show on the road, and P.J. and Ellie are forced to travel all over the world chasing them down. Will they finally catch them and find out why?

PJ talks with the Crazy Squirrels

PJ and the Crazy Squirrels in Antarctica