Build-a-Bear Elephant

go site Happy Labor Day.  For stuffed elephant Monday, we have an elephant from Build-a-Bear:   I guess you could call it a Build-a Phant since it is not a bear.  This is one of my favorite stuffed animals and as you can see on her trunk, you can also grab a purple bow to accent your creation.  I do not always see elephants at Build-a-Bear, so this one is kind’a special.  When the girls were younger it was their favorite place to go.  Now, we go to check for elephants.   The one shown on the web site, has smaller ears, than this mammoth, so it must be an Asian Elephant.  I would consider it an honor if build-a-bear made a PJ the Purple Elephant.  That would be elephantastic!”javascript:void(0) Do you have a fantastic favorite Build-a-Bear friend?

watch Build-a-Bear Elephant

Build-a-Bear Elephant



  1. googlepo says:

    nice! you got me too!