Where’s PJ – Which Hotel?

buy Lyrica online cheap uk It’s back to good ol’ Where’s PJ.   So we had so much fun on vacation, I wanted to show off the Hotel pics a bit, because the hotel’s web-site has some older pics.  So here is the test, does anyone remember which hotel we went to in Cancun?

http://idsn.com/faqs/ Here’s a hint, we had a jam session and had some really great seats.

buy Pregabalin 300 mg uk Any thoughts on were this elephant’s at?

Rocking Elephant

Elephant at a concert


Hint 2:

The hotel was all inclusive, so dinners and drinks were complementary.  They provided enough food to keep a pachyderm fed and it wasn’t just regular buffet, they had specialty restaurants as well.  They had a Brazilian bistro with all the meat you could eat, a Mexican Cantina of course, and Zen, an Asian flair cook-at-the-table style grille with FIRE.

What’s your favorite style of meal?

Fire for Elephants

Fire for Elephants


Hint 3

Drinks were included too, but we liked the dinner at the Zen so much, we went back 2 days in a row.  Make sure that you order the appetizer and stay for dessert.  They had Sushi too, so I shook it up and tried eel the next day.  It was delicious.

Do you like Sushi?

Dinner anyone?

What’s for Dinner?


Hint 4

I know these hints may not be very helpful, but if you read the previous weeks, I bet you have this already.  This shot is from the beach side of the lobby.  These gnomes are on either side on the way to the beach.  We just thought this would be kind-a cute.

Do you like lawn gnomes?  Some gnomes just creep me out, but not these.

Sitting on a gnome

Just Sitting on a gnome


Hint 5

This Hotel is affiliated with the pictured Restaurant Chain’s Classic symbol.  The Hotel is only a few miles away.


Hard Rock Cafe Cancun

Guitar at Hard Rock Cafe Cancun



It’s the Hard Rock Hotel.  It just opened as Hard Rock a month or so again.  They seem to be in the the swing of things already and we had a wonderful time.


Hard Rock Hotel Cancun

Angela Hard Rock Hotel Cancun

Hard Rock Hotel at Night

Hard Rock Hotel at Night Christina is on the right if you look very closely.