PJ’s London Elephant

http://oceanadesigns.net/granite/ The first cherished figurine I would like to share is also the first elephant I ever bought.  My family was on vacation in London shopping near Piccadilly Circus.  I only had $50 to spend on the whole 4 week European trip, I was focused on Matchbox cars and Legos (I was only 10) and this was one of our first stops, so it was important for me to get it correct.  I had spotted two alternative elephants on display (one with a trunk up and one with the trunk down), but we actually went to a few other stores and I bought a cool die cast toy airport fire truck before I ran back for this carving, right as the stores were closing.  This pachyderm purchase now stands majestically on our mantle with it’s trunk held high as resolute as the queens guards at Buckingham Palace.  It faces East just incase the old wives tale of granting luck is true.  If all my elephants were facing East who knows how lucky I would be.

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