PJ’s Interactive eBook Released

PJ’s Interactive eBook , “When I Grow Up: PJ Style Interactive” has been approved for the apple iTunes Store.   PJ the Purple Elephant is surfing the web.  Join PJ as he decides on his grown-up job in this engaging children’s book.  The exciting app will let you fly, collect money, and rid the world of germs.


More than just a flat PDF, we created an immersive environment that links the captivating conversation of reading a storybook with kids and the exciting impact of a video game. The goal is to share and witness the child’s joy.  The Android, Kindle and Nook releases are coming shortly.

The book is also available in paperback or PDF at:


Philip Simpkins’ second book “PJ and the Crazy Squirrels” is now available in PDF or pre-order paperback at:


and  don’t forget you can download a free PJ Style game to your iPhone at:


Merry Christmas

Elephant App released

PJ the Purple Elephant App surfs the Web