Where’s PJ: Unexpected Elephant

http://araliasystems.com/press-release-groundbreaking-new-3d-camera-makes-scene-analyses-more-accurate/ This holiday elephant was very unexpected.  I was doing my errands around town, when I bumped into this plush pachyderm.  Do you have a guess where this elephant is?

Unexpected Elephant

http://theinloop.com/activity/p/415299/ Holiday Elephant and Friends

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Answer:  This Elephant was spotted with his twin at Red McCombs Toyota when I had my car serviced.  The are collecting toys for the San Antonio Police Toy fundraiser

Which Reminds us of the elephants that we saw at church in October for the childrens’ center.  Here are the elephants that helped that collection.

Pachyderm Gifts

Elephants ready to help out kids