Elephants at the Mall – PJ Style

click here I love going shopping the day after Christmas.  Just about every store has a sale..  My favorite place is  where you can get ornaments for 40% off.  Does any one know which store that is and where’s PJ in these photos.  We found some elephants at the Mall.  Here are some pics.

here Hint 2.  This elephant was at the Lego store and we did not find any pachyderms on the carousel.

Lego Pachyderm

Lego Elephant. No assembly required.

buy orlistat Hint 3  We found this elephant at the Toy and calendar store.  Any thoughts of Where’s PJ?


Pachyderm Calendar

Elephant Calendar


This pachyderm paper bag was at JC Penny.  (but we don’t like their new pricing policy.)

Pachyderm Bag

Elephant Bag

PJ is at the Oak Park Mall and my favorite store on the day after Christmas is Hallmark so that I can stock up on sales priced Christmas ornaments.  Preferably pachyderms and well yes, Star Wars stuff.

I hope you had a great Holiday season, did you go shopping today?  We saw tons of people.