Elephant Parade: Hasselt Style

http://kirschelectricalservices.com/led-vs-cfl-vs-incandescent-bulbs/?utm_source=rss The Elephant Parade has become an annual event in Europe and Asia.  It looks very cool and is taking place in Hasselt, Belgium from Now (started 09/01/12) until 11/01/12.  I would love to purchase one of the Pachyderm originals, but the auction prices are exceedingly out of my range.  The copies are a bit more my style, but at $36-$70 US dollars, they are hovering above my comfort zone for a copy; an original maybe.  I might have the money to manage owning a mug.  Still if you are in Belgium or have an inkling to visit, this would be a cool thing to see.  I would love to attend, but my income won’t support it.  Maybe next year.  Take a look

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go to site They also have a Facebook fan page at: