Pachyderm Siesta

Elephant Rock Texas

PJ at Elephant Rock TX

It has been quite awhile since I last blogged.  Sorry about the Pachyderm Siesta, but I was working overtime, then laid-off and looking for another engineering job.  I have been very busy looking for work, but enough of the excuses already.  I have been working on a new project that has been garnering my attention.  We hope to release a new project shortly, so I will be focusing my attention on Media Moolah.  I have also been busy with elephant searches and continue to seek Forrest Fenn’s Treasure, though my coding training has taken the forefront of my efforts.


So to show a picture for this post, I have attached the image of Elephant Rock near Shafter, Texas and I hope to have a post about the trip shortly.


I wish that everyone has a great spring and a fantastic 2015.



Largest Elephant Collection in the World

On Sharing Sunday,  I figured I would share the link to the Guinness World Record Holder for the largest elephant collection in the world.  I am sure there is a plethora of Pachyderms, a mounds of Mammoths.  Basically Andy Swan and his brother owned a circus and they just loved elephants.  You can read the story about this man at:

So how large is your collection?

Pink Elephant

It’s so Fluffy.  It’s not often that I like pink over purple, but I make an exception for Pipsqueek, the Ty elephant.  This pink pachyderm has a certain style you don’t always see in stuffed animals, the long stings can actually poke you individual, but there are so many of them they make a soft touch.,  Plus, her toes soft.

Do you have a favorite pink elephant

PipSqueek, the Pink Elephant

PipSqueek, the Pink Pachyderm

Elephant in the Middle

We found elephants again at church again.  This pachyderm is surrounded by his other stuffed animal friends.  They are going to go to the children’s center to be given to children needing some comfort after a tough incident or being taken away from their parents.   This is a great reuse for animals that been loved in the past, but are now sitting around collecting dust.  Can you find the elephant in the middle?

Do you know of any stuffed animal collection drive around your area?

Elephant in the Middle

It’s Getting Stuffy in Here

Buried by Peanuts

PJ the Purple Elephant is buried with peanuts by his, thought to be, nemeses the crazy squirrels.  Find out what other nutty things happen when “PJ and the Crazy Squirrels” is released this December.  Until then, enjoy this snippet from the starting page.

So this week was elephantastic when I received the layout for PJ’s next great adventure.  The drawings are amazing and Liz really did a wonderful job capturing PJ’s and Ellie’s expressions.  I can’t wait to share them.

What do you think happens next between PJ and the silly squirrels?

PJ is Buried by Nuts

Do you think PJ can catch the crazy squirrels or will he be foiled again?

Arc of Elephants

Follow the leader, elephant style.  This semicircle of elephants is similar to the first pachyderms parade.  Both were made of glass, but this group outnumbers them and has a smaller tag along.

Which elephant parade did you like better?

Elephant Follow the Leader

Follow the Leader

Purple Elephant Mug

This Thursday’s habit is drinking coffee.  This mug shows Tuki from Rainforest Café.  Its oversized and allows more room for your favorite beverage; whatever that may be.

Do you have a favorite mug to drink your morning Jo?

Purple Pachyderm Mug

PJ’s Favorite Purple Pachyderm Mug

Pizza, Pasta, and Pachyderms?

So Where’s PJ been that this sign was posted?

I am not quite sure what elephants have to do with pizza and pasta, but any time you want to use a pachyderm to advertise, It’s cool with me.  So one hint, I was on travel so you can guess by the name, that I ain’t in Texas.  Has any one seen this sign?

Pizza, Pasta, and Pachyderms

Elephants Love Pizza


Answer:  This sign is displayed at Salt Lake City International airport (SLC) in the C Terminal.  This is one of Delta’s hubs, so I only get to see it a few times, but I can’t wait until I can get some pizza from a Pachyderm.

E is for Elephants

So Angela was looking through some old school work.  I guess she is learning from her dad to be a pachyderm packrat.  In her old Kindergarten files we found these self assembled stapled together books which described the alphabet.  We start the kids off young learning that E is for Elephant.  She reminded me that these books were only loaned to me for the pictures.  She wants them back.  Does that still count as part of my collection since their in the same house?

Elephant Kindergarten Books

E is for Elephantastic Kindergarten Books

Jumbo , the Ty Elephant

Jumbo the elephant from Ty is on his own Junket.  He was part of the group that reminds us to Smile.  So I hope that this Jumbo pic give you a grin.

Do you have a stuffed animal that make you smile?

Jumbo's Pachyderm Junket

Jumbo’s on a Junket to Make you Smile

PJ at Eva’s Heroes

Last night at Eva’s Heroes was amazing.  Eva and her team really organized an excellent extravaganza.  I was not happy with my poker playing skills, but Eva raised a lot of money for charity.  The gala event started by rolling out the red carpet for a parade of celebrities: Eva, started it off, followed by chairs of the event, local sports figures, and of course, Phil Helmut,, who had just won his 13th WSOP bracelet the night before.  The pics show the gorgeous Eva Longoria and the victorious Phil Hellmuth displaying is latest hardware.

Eva on the Red Carpet

Eva on the Red Carpet of Eva’s Heroes 2012

Phil Hellmuth

Phil Hellmuth with his latest Poker Bling



































The evening went on with a delectable dinner and a live auction with fabulous prizes that went for far great than I could afford.  The poker tournament started strong when I quickly rose to the highest chip count and it got even better when Eva came to play at our table.  Eva is a wonderful host and I thoroughly enjoyed strategizing against her.  The rest of the night was a roller coaster ride and culminated with me trying to bluff my way out of an Ace – Nine only to be snookered by a flush on the river.

Phil and Phil

Phil and Phil (aka. “The Poker Brat” and PJ)

Eva Longoria and Phil Simpkins

Eva and PJ 2012














Anyway, as a whole, the sold out event raised a great deal of money for a great cause and maybe this elephant should pick a different passed time other than poker.

Check out their Facebook at:

An Elephant at Eva’s Heroes

So this is the day we have been waiting for. I have posted the pics about poker pachyderms and Eva Longoria, to proclaim adulation for Eva’s Heroes Celebrity Poker Tournament. Celebrities from around the country and San Antonio, converge on J.W. Marriott tonight to help raise funds to support Eva’s Heroes. It will be a great time and we can mingle with fun fans and friends. I am sure Eva will look fabulous as always, but I am going for the game as well as the glam. So of course, the celebs will be there, but be on the lookout for PJ’s foot print. This pic shows my lucky hat that I wear when I play poker. So far, it’s been luckiest to get autographs, not win tourney’s but maybe tonight will be different, wish me luck. I’ll see If I can get a pic with Eva.

The autographs from right to left, Eva’s (of course[notice the heart]). Tim Duncan (Spurs #21), Phil Hellmuth’s (on Top), Vince Van Patten (silver [World Poker Tour fame]), and Mike Giles (retired Spurs [He took me out of Eva’s tourney 3 years ago on the river; respect]) .

I wonder who else’s signature I can get tonight?

PJ Style Lucky Poker Hat

PJ Style Lucky Poker Hat

Elephant Friendly Tickle


For Phriendly Friday, there is nothing like a friendly tickle. My daughters just loved being tickled when they were little.  I am always ready for a great laugh, but I never did figure out why they loved tickle jail.  They would repeatedly ask me to lock my legs around them and tickle them until they could wiggle out.  You never know what is fun to a 5 year old.

Do you like being tickled?

Friendly Elephant Tickle

Friendly Elephant Tickle

Poker Playing Pachyderm

For Thursdays we wanted to discuss habits.  Well this habit could be good or bad.  This pic shows an elephant playing poker.  I have played poker to have fun with neighborhood friends, donated to charities, and I have also played in Las Vegas to try and take home more money than I went with (haven’t succeeded yet).  So the jury is still out.  Well, good or bad habit; I enjoy playing and try not to let it impact my budget or time negatively.

Do you have a favorite game?  Does this give you a hint for Where’s PJ from yesterday’s post?

Poker Playing Pachyderm

Poker Playing Pachyderm

Philanthropic Pachyderm

It has been happening in San Antonio for the last 5 years.  Celebrities and locals gather to have a fundraiser.   You may recognize this Celeb from Vegas, but its not all fun and games.  So where’s PJ going this weekend?

Who is This?

Do you Know who this is?


It’s Texas Hold’em Poker fame, Phil Hellmuth, aka “The Poker Brat”,
but what brings him to San Antonio, TX , who is he posing with, and Where’s PJ going?

Phil Hellmuth and Who?

Phil Hellmuth and Who?



Eva Longoria has a Philanthropy called Eva’s Hero’s.  They raise funds to help individuals with intellectual special needs.  Each year they have a Poker Tournament to help out with the needs of this charity.  It’s a great time and a great cause.  It happens tomorrow and I am so excited to attend.  Hope to see you there.

Do you have a favorite foundation?

Evas Heroes

Phil and Eva at Eva’s Heroes 2011

Phil’s Homemade Clay Elephant

So this is my effort at making a clay elephant.  Ali got me this for Christmas 2 years ago.  It had patterns to cut the clay pachyderm pieces out and then I pressed and smoothed them together over a plastic flexible skeleton structure.  The clay is now dry and cracking, but it was a lot of fun to make.

Do you have any clay elephants that you have made yourself?  If so, I am sure they are sculptured better than mine.

Clay Pachyderm

Cracking Clay gives it style.

Peanut , the Ty Pachyderm

This is Peanut he was my first Ty Beanie baby.  Yes I got caught up in the collecting craze when my nieces introduced me to these loveable creatures.  I tried to stick with just elephants, but these adorable stuffed animals were just overwhelming.  You can’t just have one.  I fact, I have at least 2 peanuts, but I wish I would have been lucky enough to buy peanut in royal blue, before he sky-rocketed in price.  Anyway there are several more to collect at

What’s your first Ty you bought?

Peanut the Ty Elephant

Peanut the Light Blue Elephant

Balloon Elephant

For Sharing Sunday, this one-of-kind puffed plastic pachyderm was made just for us.  We were out to dinner last night and the balloon maker was making his rounds.  I asked him if he could make an elephant and sure enough; I got my favorite color and everything. can twist just about anything.  You gotta ask, right?  The sad thing is, they may pop or deflate too quickly.

Have you held an elephant balloon lately?

Balloon Elephant

Purple Plastic Pachyderm

Purple Pachyderm Pottery

I painted this elephant at where I also made the pjstyle plate that I showed earlier. Our church goes there once a year and has a pottery party. I painted the pachyderm pottery then painted plate puts it in the kiln to bake on the paint and gloss. It’s really fun. Do you painted a pachyderm lately?

Purple Painted Pachyderm Pottery

Purple Painted Pachyderm Pottery

Elephant Imbedded in a Pin

For Phriendly Friday, all the friends are intertwined in this pin.  It lets Disney remind us in a unique way to recycle in order to help save the plant.   Does that mean the elephant is using the water responsibly, by shooting it in the air?  I think it is really just a representation of the baby elephant in the Jungle cruise.


Disney Recycling Pin

Elephant in the Middle