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PJ at Start Up San Antonio

can you buy zantac over the counter uk Today is Sharing Sunday.  We would like to share other blogs or folks who also create, collect, or love elephants.  Phil the author (PJ) has been busy this weekend with Start Up San Antonio.  It has been an exciting time.  He was a member of Trakk ‘em who’s project is to provide immediate help for lost children before Amber Alert is needed.  That’s Phil on the Left in Deep thought.

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If you love elephants and have created something, let’s talk..



Start Up at Geekdom

This is the Trakk Em crew

PJ The Video

Today is PJ Style Saturday.  PJ the purple elephant is creating and implementing new things all the time.  This gives us a chance to share ideas and thoughts that can help you develop your own style and see what PJ is concocting.

Today we want to share videos.  These videos are available at:

and linked on the sidebar at: Video-When I Grow UP-PJ

We also have a competition between Phil (the creator) and his daughters Angela and Christina.  You can help us by viewing the one that you like for a second time.  Who ever has the most views by August 16, 2012, wins. Phil has said that he will pay his daughters a penny for each view more then him.  Phil wanted to teach them the value of a penny and the importance of hard work.  You tell me if Phil accomplished it.  Please keep in mind that Christina is a teenager, so I apologize for her sarcasm in advance.  It’s still PG, but you may want to preview it be you show it to your kids.  At least it’s short.

PJ’s Version (G)

Angela’s Version (G)

Christina’s  Version (PG)

Friends for Dinner

Friday starts Phriendly Friday.  Elephants are not always alone.  In fact they are very social and family oriented creatures.  There are also many pieces in my collection that display other animals and not just elephants, so this gives us a great avenue to display creations that show a multiple species.

This plate is from the well-known restaurant, Rainforest Café.  Tuki is show here with his friends, Maya, Ozzie, Rio, Bamba, Cha Cha, Nile, and Iggy.  This particular plate has been well used by me and my family for culinary favorites.  I hope that you have a great dinner tonight.  Enjoy.

Dinner with Friends

Where’s PJ Visiting


Let’s start “Where’s PJ Wednesday”. The first location to ponder is honor of the upcoming Olympics.  PJ’s Junket has lead him to a previous Olympic city with many venues.  Can you guess the Primary City and/or the 2 venue locations.  A pic a day will be provided so that everyone can be certain of where we are.  So, Where is PJ the Purple Elephant?  PJ will actually show up in some of these pics.  If you don’t want a Hint or the answer yet don’t scroll past the first pic.

What Olympic Host City is PJ the Purple Elephant Visting?

Which Olympic Venue has this Cauldron and that will give you a clue. Can you see PJ in the this pic?


Hint 2:

When I was there in June there was still snow on the ground, So this was a Winter Olympic venue.   Any thoughts?

Snow at...

There still snow in June



Hint 3:   The Skis were Alan Airborn’s and Clint Jones’ signed by Eddy the Eagle.  They were displayed in Squatters Restaurant in this Venue village.  The Figure skate were not labeled with a mane and the speed skates were Eric Hayden’s.  Is this any help?  It may be to some and you always need to eat, right?

Ski displayed at a Restaurant in this Olympic Venue


Hint 4:  This is the Ski Map of the Local Venue.   Do you know this Olympic venue? If so, do you know the Central Olympic City?

Ski Map

This is the Ski Map of the satellite venue. Do you know this venue?


Hint 5:  The ski jump at Olympic Park.  Does any one remember which Olympics had this logo?

Ski Jump at Olympic Park

Does anyone recognize this Olympic Logo for this event?



Hint 6:  OK, here comes a great hint. Park City, UT has this nice park setup as an Olympic reminder.  They have banners marking the various Olympic sites.  Can you tell me the year of the Olympics and the main city?

Banner at Park City Olympic park

This is a great Olympic park in Park City,UT



The Answer is:  Salt Lake City, UT, 2002, Olympic Games and Park City, UT Venue.

I visited after the 10 year anniversary, so there is still a pretty good representation of events and venues.  It is, however, difficult to find memorabilia.   The store Olympic Spirit was shown on my iPhone, but at 7:00 pm on a Sunday during the off season, I’m thinking, it wasn’t open.  I did not verify if Olympic Spirit was still in business, but I’m hopeful.  Before that, I had arrived at the Ski Jump 5 minutes later than the 6:00 pm closing time.  I was not alone, a couple other cars drove up while I was there, but make sure you check the times.

The pic below is a shot of Cauldron Park at Rice-Eccles Stadium.

It has a nice museum and I truly enjoyed the experience.

2002 Salt Lake Olympic Cauldron Park

2002 Salt Lake Olympic Cauldron Park

Elephant Nutcracker

I would like to start sharing elephants I received from my Family on Tuesdays.  One of the most unique statues in my collection was given to me by my sister, Linda Kay.  Linda, found the Nutcracker at a specialty shop in Kansas City.  I have looked for elephant Nutcrackers on many occasions during Christmas at Target and Wal-Mart, but to no avail.  There have been several other versions of Nutcrackers, including, lions, tigers, and bears (oh! My!), but no pachyderms (Oh!, No!).  There are also multiple styles of occupations like farmers, police officers, and Tin Men; but no Zoo Keepers with an elephant by their side.  I guess manufactures don’t think of cracking peanuts, the elephant’s beloved morsel.   I’ll keep my eye out, but in the mean time, I hope you enjoy viewing this Elephant Nutcracker.

For cracking more than peanuts

PJ’s London Elephant

The first cherished figurine I would like to share is also the first elephant I ever bought.  My family was on vacation in London shopping near Piccadilly Circus.  I only had $50 to spend on the whole 4 week European trip, I was focused on Matchbox cars and Legos (I was only 10) and this was one of our first stops, so it was important for me to get it correct.  I had spotted two alternative elephants on display (one with a trunk up and one with the trunk down), but we actually went to a few other stores and I bought a cool die cast toy airport fire truck before I ran back for this carving, right as the stores were closing.  This pachyderm purchase now stands majestically on our mantle with it’s trunk held high as resolute as the queens guards at Buckingham Palace.  It faces East just incase the old wives tale of granting luck is true.  If all my elephants were facing East who knows how lucky I would be.

"The First"

PJ's First Elephant