Christina’s Favorite Elephant

go This is Christina’s favorite elephant, by Shaggies.  The stringy fuzzy strands are still soft and comfortable.  Now a days the stuffed animals usually just lounge around on the couch, but every once in awhile they get to spend some time hanging with the family.

buy Lyrica usa I was unable to find Shaggies on the web.  We picked this one up at CVS during a wild rain storm in Missouri.  If you find them on the web, please let us know.

Christina's Fave Elephant

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Angela’s Favorite Elephant

This is Angela’s favorite elephant, P’ nut, by Ty. Soft, cuddly, and squish-able, this elephant makes a great friend to snuggle up with at night. Phil’s girls don’t sleep with stuffed animals any longer but clip off the tag and this elephant will scare any bed-time monsters away. If you made P’ nut purple, he might be my twin. Well, maybe someday PJ Style will be a fluffy stuffed friend.

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Do you have a favorite stuffed animal?

Angela's Favorite Elephant

Angie’s Fave Phant