Colosso the Pachyderm

order Lyrica online usa Colosso is another Ty Elephant.  I just love these Ty Pachyderms, there relatively inexpensive and make an elephantastic present for a birthday or even a get well gift.  Since elephants never forget, this reminds me that one of my friends has surgery coming up.  We need to send her our prayers and well wishes.  I hope everyone you know is well, but maybe they might need some cheering up on a crazy Monday.

watch What gifts do you give folks when they are recovering from a hospital visit?

Colosso Helps out in Crisis

see url Colosso Helps out in a Crisis

Pounds the Pachyderm

It feels that I have gained pounds from traveling and eating whatever was around.  I hope that you enjoy your Monday.  To was a travel day to a conference so I apologize that this is late.  I hope that you enjoy pounds the elephant from Ty.

What is your favorite food when you are traveling?

Pounds the Elephant

Pounds the Pachyderm from Ty

Pink Elephant

It’s so Fluffy.  It’s not often that I like pink over purple, but I make an exception for Pipsqueek, the Ty elephant.  This pink pachyderm has a certain style you don’t always see in stuffed animals, the long stings can actually poke you individual, but there are so many of them they make a soft touch.,  Plus, her toes soft.

Do you have a favorite pink elephant

PipSqueek, the Pink Elephant

PipSqueek, the Pink Pachyderm

E is for Elephants

So Angela was looking through some old school work.  I guess she is learning from her dad to be a pachyderm packrat.  In her old Kindergarten files we found these self assembled stapled together books which described the alphabet.  We start the kids off young learning that E is for Elephant.  She reminded me that these books were only loaned to me for the pictures.  She wants them back.  Does that still count as part of my collection since their in the same house?

Elephant Kindergarten Books

E is for Elephantastic Kindergarten Books

Jumbo , the Ty Elephant

Jumbo the elephant from Ty is on his own Junket.  He was part of the group that reminds us to Smile.  So I hope that this Jumbo pic give you a grin.

Do you have a stuffed animal that make you smile?

Jumbo's Pachyderm Junket

Jumbo’s on a Junket to Make you Smile

Peanut , the Ty Pachyderm

This is Peanut he was my first Ty Beanie baby.  Yes I got caught up in the collecting craze when my nieces introduced me to these loveable creatures.  I tried to stick with just elephants, but these adorable stuffed animals were just overwhelming.  You can’t just have one.  I fact, I have at least 2 peanuts, but I wish I would have been lucky enough to buy peanut in royal blue, before he sky-rocketed in price.  Anyway there are several more to collect at

What’s your first Ty you bought?

Peanut the Ty Elephant

Peanut the Light Blue Elephant

Phil’s Gray Elephant Gift from Ali

Trumpet from was given to me during a stay at the hospital.  Gifts always cheer me up and an elephant makes the best gift.  The hospital procedure went well and Trumpet helped make the recovery happier.

Have you received a pachyderm present that helped you through a tough time?

Gray Pachyderm Present

Gray Elephant Gift

Winks as a Plumper Pachyderm

This is Winks in a larger version.  Even more of the soft and fluffy elephant to love from

This plumpier fuzzier pachyderm is also a Pluffies.  The wider Winks makes an even more elephantastic friend.  He is almost big enough to be a pillow himself.

Which do you like best, the larger or the more portable pachyderm?

Winks - Bigger and Fluffier

Winks, Bigger and Fluffier

Winks the Grey Ty Elephant

On Stuffed Animal Monday, please enjoy this soft and fluffy Elephant from

This plump fuzzy elephant is a Pluffics.  Winks makes a elephantastic friend since these are a little bit larger stuffed toy, so kids can hug and squeeze them easier.

Do you have a favorite huggable Friend?

Winks The Ty Grey Elephant

Wink, Wink, Nudge, Nudge

Elephant Stress Reliever

I hope that your Monday was great, but if you need to get rid of some frustration by throwing something, Thunder by Ty may help. These Beanie Ballz come in all different kinds of animals and as advertised, they always stay on their feet. So if you had a crazy day, this fluffy elephant can be tossed in the air, squished out of shape, or launched across the room, and he will wobble back to his base. His trunk is also PJ’s favorite color: purple. You can buy Thunder or one of his friends at a store near you or

Do you have a favorite stress reliever?

Elephant Beanie Ballz

It’s a Great Stress Reliever